Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm Sure Ya'll Are Dying To Know...

So, are you dying to know what we came up with for our "prop" for Alex Rodriguez?
It wasn't a baseball/bat as mentioned, the school would probably consider it a concealed weapon and he'd be expelled.
I didn't print any mugshots of this dude.
Ta backy was in the top choices..ha!
A mitt..uhm yeah that would have been excellent except the dog chewed it up along with everything else in this house.
Since I'm prone to not listening to my faithful readers whatsoever I went with my first idea of a baseball diorama.
Are you asking yourself whattheheck is that? Oh my friends you're in for a treat as I will be taking a picture of my precious project, that I labored intensely on, with Santa faces (your interest just peaked 5% didn't it?) and everything. It truly is a cornucopia of artistic talent. We can all have a laugh at the beauty that is a 3rd grade baseball diorama made by yours truly. The battery is dead on my camera ..some idiot left the camera on, it couldn't have possibly been me.
I realize I'm rambling like a banshee, but the project, it has defeated and fatigued me to delirium, but it's done.
BTW, if anyone asks like a certain 3rd grade teacher, if Gameboy did this project on his own, he so totally did about 65% of it give or take.
PS- If I never have to hear random useless facts about a baseball person and what adversity he had to overcome, it will be to soon.


And now the moment you all have been waiting for, the revealing of my son's masterpiece.....

This here is the full view shot. Yes I found a Texas Rangers hat where he played, ahem but well I had to take it to the next level as I get a little over zealous on these kinds of things. The really sad thing is I'm not even very good at these kinds of things.

Here's a close up of the little baseball santas men. No those aren't halos on their heads their baseball hats. Those spots on the side of the box are the fans in the stands, you guys are smart and probably already knew that. I was going for some awesome 3D effects with the base ball, thats why it's like in your face on the first pic. That's gotta be worth an A right there.

Gameboy really thought his project rocked. He helped a lot really. He did the painting of the field and the politically correct fans. He wanted to ensure racial equality by giving all people of color a chance to attend this affair. I think he's going to be a diplomat some day and bring peace to all the land, one baseball diorama at a time.

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