Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chapter 7 Section 35 Of The Unwritten Parent Child Contract

Well the inevitable has happened, my oldest son handed over to me tonight a class project that is due on Friday. The handout was given out last week.

I take some blame for this as he constantly talked about this biography he is supposed to write. Of course he always talked about it while I was in the middle of dinner, or any other place when I was only half listening. Way To Go Mom

Tonight he hands me over the project paper and well to say I was not pleased is the understatement of the year. It wouldn't be so bad if he actually chose a person halfway interesting and that we might have something tangible for the presentation. The paper calls for a "prop" of sorts representing the person. His person is Alex Rodriguez or A-Rod or whatever the kids are calling him these days. Hubs and I have as about as much interest in baseball as getting a root canal, yet for some reason GB loves it. Sigh.

Here's the scoop, we could have probably easily gotten a baseball card of his from say E-bay for like $.50 or even from a good friend of ours who does the whole sports card trading thing. Problem is not even an overnight service would get here in time as he'd need it Friday morning. I'm almost thinking of going to the hobby shop to see if they just happen to have one or invest a few dollars in baseball cards at Wal-Mart, surely I'd strike lucky and get one. The things a mother will do for last minute school projects. If all else fails a diorama of a baseball field would work right?

There must be some clause in the parent child contract that states at any given time all school age children will present to the parent a school project in a less than 48hour time frame when due, atleast once in their school lifetime. Looks like 1 kid down 2 more kids to go.

Anybody have any good ideas on a good prop for a baseball player? Yes bringing a baseball was brought up and quickly shot down. That's all I'd need is to get a call from the school that the kid threw the ball into a school window or something.


Krista said...

And a bat would probably count as a weapon, huh? Sorry, I'm not much help on this one. I know A-Rod used to be a Mariner... so at least I know who he is!
Could you find something of the mascot of the team he currently plays for? And/or all past teams? I bet you could get pictures off the internet.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

So I'm guessing a baseball bat is out, huh?! Chewing tabacky??!!

Okay, seriously, what about a mitt?


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