Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Adventures in SAHM Land

I decided to go on strike take off from work, and stay with the poor sickly child who is not so sick and by no means poor. But, if you knew my daycare, you'd know they'd somehow figure out the kid has had a fever in less than 24 hours give or take 24 hours and they will call you to get your kid off the premises. They are the daycare mafia. I didn't want to take any chances.

I did try to nip things in the bud and take him into the doc. Bossy is notorious for ear infections and there was a point that the doc and I were on a first name basis and I could pretty much call in and say, "Yo Doc Bill, I need another scrip, maybe something a little stronger this time." and he'd willingly oblige. We of course went through the whole tubes thing and soon relations with Doc Bill and I were drastically cut short. Which is a good thing.

The wonderful thing about my kids' doc is that it's just him and his wife who is a nurse. They have a very small clientele base and I can usually get in immediately. That's it it's just them. You would think that in a medium to large size town there would be no such thing as a doctor practicing on his own. I just absolutely love it. No long waits and he takes his time and explains everything thoroughly. I've never seen him to do a five minute fly by sick kid appointment ever.

Anyways I'll get over my doc crush in a bit. I hadn't seen him in over a year, so you'd kinda think that his wife/nurse would forget us. I came in and the first thing she said was, "I didn't even recognize your voice on the phone." Uh k. Like I say we were pretty tight for awhile. To get to the point surprise surprise Bossy has a mild ear ache, but to look at him you'd pretty much say he's a clean bill of health.

Hubs is about to throw both of us out of the house as were driving him crazy, cause we're messing up his work flow. The kid has interrupted a few conference calls with his renditions of songs he's heard mom play on Guitar Hero. And for some reason he thinks I need to entertain him as cartoons were so yesterday, today is play day.

Right now he's asking me "Mommy are you gonna play with me now?" I can't imagine trying to entertain a 3 year old for a good 10 plus hours every single day and twice on Sunday. I thought you SAHM's could eat chocolate and blog all day? No? mmm..maybe my work gig ain't so bad after all. Until then, today we play the rest of the day!

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Krista said...

Happy playing! ;) Not so easy to get much done when you're a SAHM! Playing with the kiddos is pretty much an 8 hour (+) job!


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