Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I Love Those Guys

The boys gave me a call this evening to let me know that the OU game was tomorrow. My mother was somehow convinced that it was tonight even though I was fairly certain it was tomorrow. Anyways that's neither here nor there.

Gameboy wanted to let me know all that he'd been doing today like playing on the computer, catching up on his reading, and playing the video games you plug into the T.V. He's a busy boy with a heavy agenda for the rest of the week. He sounded so small on the phone, and it made me think that even though he's 8 and the big brother and a "big boy", he's still a little boy all around. I sometimes take him for granted since he's the oldest and I require him to help me out more since he pretty much does what is needed when I ask. The other two are still a work in process.

He was happy to let me know that he helped grandma take down the Christmas tree and was excited to help me take down the tree and then disappointed when I told him I'd already done it. I jokingly told him he could help rake leaves though. Even though he wasn't thrilled about it he still stated with out regret or whine that he would do it. That's my big little boy always willing to do what is asked.

Wonderboy who is still a little frighteningly obsessed with the Wiggles let me know that the pirates "blew him down". That Captain Feathersword has been blowing Wonderboy down for several years now, and he still gets a kick out of it. He then proceeded to ask me to blow him down, and I willingly did just to hear him laugh and say "Mom you blew me down." It doesn't take much to amuse him.

Wonderboy was quite excited to know that I've been playing his GH. Seeing as how he's the music/guitar lover in the family he can't wait to start playing. Poor guy didn't get to really play before he left. I told him I've got it tuned up for him.

Bossyboy is never really that chatty on the phone. He let me know that he also is watching Wiggles and that the pirates have also blown him down. I think he was also trying to tell me that Wonderboy blew him down and that it wasn't very nice.

I do miss those guys and things just have not been the same around here. The quiet is almost killing me. The dog is also in shambles. I don't think he knows what the heck is going on, with the boys gone and my regular schedule of being home, then being gone for half a day and then home again, has really thrown him for a loop. The nights that we've gone out for dinner and come back he's just freaked out. He follows me every single place I go. He is never 10 feet out of sight, unless he's outside and then he's whining through the windows. Hopefully we'll be back on schedule soon.

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