Friday, January 4, 2008

The Hormonal Tide Has Passed For Now...

Yesterday's little tidal wave was refreshing and wrenching all in one. I'm fine for now in that I blogged it out of my system. I'm sure you guys ran for the hills with ice cream and chocolate in tow yelling hormone tides a coming! Yeah I understand it was pretty heavy here yesterday. I would have ran to.

Hubs insisted I talk it out to him yesterday, but I was to emotional to spill it out that way. He took me to my favorite BBQ place tonight, (yes Mr. BBQ man was there) and I was able to express my anger a little more coherently. I love that about hubs he really does not like for me to bottle stuff in. I think cause he's seen my explosions when I have held it in to long.

Thanks guys for being out there for me to vent when I trully need to vent yet can only let my emotions come out through my fingers. I just really don't know how I lived before the blog.

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