Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Boys Are Back In Town Again...

Whew! It's back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow. Back to the taxi service in the morning and evening, back to regularly planned cooked meals (which sadly I still don't have a plan for the week), back to the regular ambiance and chaos of my children, in other words back to normal. I'm really glad, as I just don't function well with un normal.

A few things to make note of...

-I had some kind of general idea how hard the ice storm was in Oklahoma, until I actually went up and saw the overwhelming amount of downed limbs and trees just in my parents yard alone. I couldn't believe it. The tree pick up crew has been coming on trash days so I assume there's been at least two or three pick ups and they haven't even gotten half of it. My mother put the boys to work picking up sticks and moving limbs, but she's got a heck of lot more to do. We tried to do what we could with the little chain saw they have. My mother really didn't want us diving into such a job and kept saying "I've got all winter to do this, you guys don't need to do this." Thing is it will take her all winter, spring, and summer to finish the job. Her poor trees she loves her trees and now their just gone. We're debating on coming back up real soon to help some more.

-When we did get home this evening, I could not wait to give the boys a little concert. How sad am I? I wanted to impress them with my rock star abilities. They were quite impressed. Wow mom you're doing 4 keys! Show me how you beat the mean dude. Why but of course, and beat him again I did. I think showing them how it's done really got their interest peaked as when Gameboy first got it he wasn't "to impressed," guitars aren't really his thing as it's more for Wonderboy. Anyway their all excited and now I have new punishment ammo. :) It was cute as 3 year old Bossy was humming Slow Ride on the way to bed.

-I'm building up the cahonies to talk to Mr Bossman about the promotion. As hubs says I need to point blank ask him Why didn't I get it? If he hehaws around the question and then states that I'm up for the next one, I should then say, I thought that's what you said last time? Which is true last year when raises were discussed he did mention what a great tech I was and that I was up for tech expert. Sigh I'm still a bit sensitive about it but think I can get up the gall to discuss it with him. Not much will come out of it though.

That's all for now, I've got some practicing to do.

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