Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm jumping on the resolution bandwagon.

I usually don't get into making a resolution for the New Year, because I honestly know I won't keep it. I decided that maybe I'll go for a few changes not necessarily resolutions. Yeah whatever.
The one "change" I really want to go for is the excessive amount of television my children watch. What can I say it's an easy escape goat to allow me a break when getting home from work and the taxi drive and all the craziness that happens between 6 and 7PM. I've decided to reinforce some changes on this. I'm not saying I'm going to totally wipe T.V. off the agenda, I'm not that crazy. I'm just not going to allow it be so excessive.
Monday's are Cubscout night so I'm in a rush for a quick dinner and to get Gameboy ready. Monday's will be pretty much up to C. on the television privilege for the other two.
Tuesday's are quantum physics homework night. Gameboy always has something. The other two I hope to allow them to color or do workbooks along with him, it's only fair.
Wednesday we're free from homework. I'm thinking they can watch some T.V. until dinner is ready and then they can play Legos or whatever til bedtime.
Thursday will be Wii night, once Gameboy passes the spelling Bee we're free to play.
Friday they can watch some T.V. along with Sat. and Sun. Not to much, but enough to allow me to sleep in an extra hour or so.

I think this is pretty manageable and will give it a go once they get back.

is having a week of tips and information for New Year's Resolutions and to give us all that Ooomph we may need they are giving away some prizes. Click on the nifty button and find out the agenda for the week.
New Habits in the New Year

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