Friday, December 28, 2007


I really had no expectation of actually blogging about my new "addiction", yet I honestly had no expectation of actually liking to play this here Guitar Hero thing. Yet here I am doing and liking both. I promise I won't delve to much into it,except on this post. I do hope to maybe appease you guys by cough..gulp..getting hubs to video me playing and then cough..gulp..upload it to that popular site where millions of people go to watch other people make fools of themselves. I can just see me getting a million hits at the hilarity of a 30 year old mother playing her children's Guitar Hero. Talk about 15 minutes of fame.
I will say that I do rock the house when I play and I'm almost positive I look hilarious.
Tonight since my practice skills had gotten somewhat adequate, I thought it time to start my career and actual play concerts for cash. Yes in the game not in real life, my aspirations aren't that high yet. Mind you I'm still totally playing in "Easy" mode and only one chord maybe two at a time. I can't even imagine the "Expert" mode, it's mind blowing. Anyways so I played a concert or two and according to the crowd I Rocked! Which is such an ego booster. So I got cocky and decided to play a song which I hadn't really practiced much. I thought I played o.k. but not great. Well obviously my adoring fans loved it and I got an Encore! I almost peed my pants.
The deal is playing the full 3-4 minute song is actually pretty exhausting. So to play an encore, I knew I was going to die. The shocking thing was they totally just give you a random song to in which I hadn't even played, EVER! The song was Rock N Roll All NIght by KISS. I WAS ROCKIN! I played that puppy like I had played it all my life. This song wasn't in the practice list of songs to play, or homegirl would have been rockin it already.
Needless to say I rocked the house on that one and got a signed contract. It's all totally irrelevant as this is a freakin video game..but I digress. I will let you know when I get the cahonies to post the video, something tells me tequilla will have to be involved.

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Anonymous said...

You are to funny! Kelli's baby, Keelie, has to wear a helmet to reshape her head..any way her daddy put a guitar hero sticker on the back of it. He loves to play his guitar hero too!



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