Thursday, December 27, 2007

While The Kids Are Away..Mommy Will Play

My most generous and awesome parents took my darling children away from us for the rest of this week and all of next. I'm almost positive my mother is up for sainthood. My sweet MIL felt she could take up my mother's ambitions and took the kids just for one night, and just barely made it through.

Since I have technically 3 and half days left of being off, it is my goal to get a few things done. The top of my list is to accomplish playing Slow Ride by Foghart on Guitar Hero, the full song no mistakes. I'm setting my goals high this weekend. I say this here Guitar Hero thing could really take off. I hate to admit I'm addicted and I plan on going on tour in the next year. Check your local ticket box arenas for concert dates and times.

My other goal is to rearrange the sock/underwear drawers and throw the holey ones away and that kind of thing. The goals are set high folks.

The rest of the time I plan to work off the poundage that was my holiday baking play Mario/Sonic Olympics on the Wii. I'm sure I'll be able to work off some pounds that way. I had no idea I was such a baker. I think it's all about the apron, it has super powers that just put me in a baking frenzy.

I also maybe just maybe will take down the Christmas tree. Meanwhile I'm off for more important things like guitar practice. Peace out


jennifer said...

Slow Ride duh, duh, duh Take it easy duh, nuh, nuh...

Have fun!

Lawanda said...

LOVE Slow Ride. Must put up a youtube of you rockin out on Guitar Hero, so we can enjoy ;)

I hope you enjoy your time off, working and workin out and all that jazz. LOL


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