Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twas The Day After Christmas...

Twas the day after Christmas
and strewn through out the house, gift bags, bows,
and teeny tiny Legos that cluttered the bed.
Guitar Hero 3 tucked gently away, while visions of future rock concerts
jammed in my head.

The leftovers all eaten with no morsel to spare,
I hope that take out will be for dinner, as it seems only fair.
I have cooked and baked til I can no longer care.

When up from the stairs there rose such a clatter,
A child upset over who knows, what does it matter?
Away to the stairs I flew in a slow dash,
Get along you guys, or heads will be bashed!

The rain this morning gave time for extra sleeping.
I giggled and laughed that others were working.
I pulled the covers up tight and gave out a sigh,
Children require breakfast and I in need of some blogging time.

My eyes all a twinkle as I opened my Mac,
giftcards in hand and online sales to attack.
Clothes for the boys and the dishes were mine.
I was ever so jolly on all of my finds,
I had 10 bucks left which made me most merry.
Maybe enough left for a jar of gourmet cherries.

The children are leaving with their grandma tomorrow.
I can't wait to shout at them and call them by name,
Now Gameboy, and Wonderboy, and Bossy boy too,

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