Monday, November 26, 2007

Now I Know

I now know the reason why we NEVER EVER EVER buy a brand spankin new vehicle. Despite the fact that they are normally way out of our price range for the size of vehicle we need, the vehicle itself would be totally trashed with in a 48 hour period or a 5 hour plus trip to grandma's house, which ever comes first.

We used some points from C's travels and rented an SUV to drive to my parents house. This SUV only had one driver prior to us, needless to say it was brand spankin new, but not for long.
After loading it up with all our worldly possessions of children the dog, some clothing, the DVD player, some Pokemon cards, a few stuffed animals, our clothes, and dog food, we were ready to go. It pretty much took us less than the 5 hour trip to trash the whole car. If you were to look inside the car today you would think we've been driving this car for months if not years.
Since the trash and all our possessions were not enough, Wonderboy decided it was time to baptize our beloved borrowed vehicle with the reddest of red pop all down the crack of the seat into the floor board. The sticky soda has gone down into no mans land, a realm of despair where had it been our vehicle would be shrugged away and chalked off as another stain that I'll get to later. Thankfully it wasn't milk or dairy related and bonus the interior is all black.
I wish I could find that link to the video parady of Pimp My Ride mom mini van style.

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Anonymous said...

My car is NASTY almost all of the time. It is only clean for one day after Michael cleans it. Today I was worried that the mom who parked next to me at Kinder Music was going to look in my car and see how nasty it was. When she got out of her spotless SUV it was the first thing she did! I was so embarrased.


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