Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wow lookie here an actual post!

First of all, I'm totally way way behind on the blog reading. I had to pretty much mark all as read on my Google Reader to catch up. I thought surely the posting would be sparse over the holiday. WRONG! I think you guys posted more than ever.

Second, I failed at NaPoBloMo. I missed yesterday. Grrr. I blame the Internet. A person cannot blog on a connection designed for sending messages via telegraph. The load time was enough to scrape my eyeballs out with a spoon. Even with HTML disabled and only seeing words and no graphics, it just wasn't worth my time. Oh well, does this mean I'm free as a bird now? No pressure to blog the rest of the month which is only like 5 days.
It's back to the grindstone of that which is work tomorrow. Woot!

I'm thankful to be home after a long 5 day stay at my parents.
I'm thankful that the sinus gods were looking out for hubs as it never fails every time we go up to OK, hubs sinuses go crazy. He then becomes a grumpy bear. Not to mention he loooves spending so much time with my parents. He was a trooper and did not complain. Though I think I drove him crazy alone.
I'm thankful for a small blessing of good luck and good fortune from the Indian nation casa de casino. Gotta love those Indians. ;)
I'm also thankful we did not have to endure icy conditions despite the freezing a** cold wintery blast we experienced.
I'm thankful for a mother who hangs on to "my get rid of the kids clothes as I have no room for it in my house pile," so that the kids would actually have something somewhat warm to wear while we were up.

All in all it was a pretty darn good vacation holiday and now I'm counting down the days for my week off at Christmas and my annual shopping excursion with my MIL.

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