Saturday, November 17, 2007

It Must Be The Apron..

I have longed forever to make Ree's Cinnamon rolls, yet nothing really motivated me, until I started thinking about what kind of special something should I make for the 500 3 plus teachers my kids have, plus the neighbors. Since her recipe makes a bunch, I decided that was it.

It has taken me pretty much all day to make these Cinnamon rolls. I have never done any kind of "real" baking that did not include a boxed mix or very simple recipe. I have never proofed yeast much less bought yeast in the 9 and a half years I've been married.

My mother wasn't much of a baker either as she was a working momma too. So I can honestly say I don't think the whole time growing up that she ever made anything that required yeast either.

My only experience baking bread or bread like items was in home ec in 8th grade. Needless to say this was quite a challenge. I had to make these Cinnamon rolls though, since I plan to make them for Christmas gifts for the neighbors, teachers, and who ever. I thought I should get some experience under my belt before I perhaps kill the neighbors with kindess so to speak.

Let me just tell you that they turned out great, despite the fact that Gameboy dumped the entire vat of melted butter on the first half of the dough. Ree did say to lay it on thick. :)

I had to preserve this moment for all the blogging world to see, as it will be a long while until I make these again.

Oh me oh my!
This pan is now half empty. The other 4 pans just like this one will be going home to Oklahoma. If I can keep my sneaky 3 year old out of them.

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marye said...

You ROCK Jean! Those are awesome! Donna would be proud.


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