Friday, November 16, 2007

Relishing the Moment

Gameboy is almost in that stage where Mom is not cool and the fear of embarrassment just with my presence is lurking soon. He's only 8 but I know it's coming soon.

Yesterday morning I dropped him off at school and as I let my taxi van door auto close he yelled quite loud and clear "Love Ya Mom!" For a split second I winced for him as if he didn't mean to say it so loud for all of W. Elementary school to hear, but he didn't flinch. He was quite confident on what he had said. My little heart swelled and I wanted to stop the van and fly out the door and give him a big mama bear hug. He hasn't quite grown out of telling his mom he loves her, yet.


Lawanda said...

AWWWWW!! That is wonderful. So sweet. :)

Marye said...

Just enjoying your blog this morning..oh..and tagging you for a meme in apron strings & simmering things, one of my other blogs... :)


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