Sunday, November 18, 2007

You Know Your Kids Watch To Much T.V. When..

You know your children watch to much T.V. when they start saying the following quotes at random intervals during the day.

Bossyboy(3) "Batteries Not Included" when hubs was buckling him in the car to leave.

Wonderboy "Sweet Beans In A Basket!" he says this all the time when he's surprised or shocked by something. This is supposedly a phrase a cartoon character says.

Wonderboy also has Shaggie and Scoobie's run nailed. He's been practicing for awhile You know when a monster is after them and they are running in place with arms out stretched?

All 3 of them have a favorite if something cool happens, "That was cracka lackin!"

In addition to their T.V. phrases a few other noted kidisms to mention.

Bossyboy woke me up this morning around 7 ish saying "Mom it's been 7 years now and it's time for dinner." He hasn't quite gotten down the time thing, not to mention that breakfast is a morning thing and dinner is a night thing. He gets those mixed up. It gave quite a chuckle this morning.

Gameboy was calling the dog to go with him to the bathroom. I asked him, "Why are you taking the dog with you to the bathroom?" "I don't want him to eat my waffles while I'm gone," was his response. Makes sense to me.

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