Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a Pioneer Woman...

I know I've been semi obsessed with PDub (I call her PDub cause were homies like that) and her blog and her awesome recipes and photos. I didn't realize how obsessed I've been here lately. I guess I am enough to have a dream about her. Crazy, I've never even had a single conversation with her.

Last night I dreamed that Hubs and I were somehow with Ree and her hubby on some kind giant tour bus thing. I have no clue where we were supposed to be going but somehow there was a change of plans and Mr. MM himself told us that we didn't have any choice but to stay with them on the ranch for the night. Oh the shame, the despair! So of course inside I'm jumping with glee but trying not to show it out loud. We decided to pull over and rest a bit and let the kids play for awhile. Yes my kids and PDub's kids playing together (only in my dreams of course). That was pretty much the end of it. Pointless of course yet profound.


Lawanda said...

Profound indeed! ;) I wouldn't be able to begin to tell you about all the crazy dreams I have had, including some with internets I have never met! haha

Maybe it is good that all my crazy comes out at night only! :-p

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

She's one of my favorites, too! I'm so in awe of her photography. I read her faithfully every single day, but NEVER comment because I'm too nervous I'll say the wrong thing!


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