Monday, November 12, 2007

Holiday Carnival

Melanie aka Chilihead is having a Holiday Carnival on great ideas and locations to find great gifts.
I will admit that I don't do a lot of online shopping, guess cause I'm a touch and see kind of gal. There are a few items I will for sure be getting on line and already did.
I'm going to confess right here right now that I am a QVC junkie! When there's nothing else on T.V. and as long as hubs isn't watching with me I turn on QVC.

Here's an awesome digital photo key chain for around $20.00 and $3.00 off when you buy more than one. It holds 60 photos on this little key chain. My mother and MIL are going to love this. I always get them some kind of gift with the boys photos. With this I can load them up and their good for the year. I can't wait til they get it. I'm not sure how long this special will last as it's normally a daily thing. They have other great gift idea stuff too, a lot of stuff you can't find in stores.

You can't go wrong with Amazon, and something I plan to get for my boys is the Dangerous Book for Boys. What boy doesn't need a handbook for being a boy? From the reviews I've seen, they have some great projects for the boys and just basic life learning skills. I know my oldest will eat this up and I hope it inspires him to get out and make and do stuff, instead of playing video games all day.

For the fun gag type or elephant type gifts, The Perpetual Kid has random fun gifts for anybody. Maybe there's a quirky guy at the office you drew for the Christmas gift exchange, he'd probably go ga ga for a bacon wallet. I know that guy and yes he does have the bacon wallet. How about some color scented cologne for the kids teacher, just for laughs? I can't imagine what that smells like, but I'm sure there's some one out there who loves that smell and would actually wear it. This is really a fun place just to browse around. I will caution you that there may be some things that might be offensive but 99% of it is just in fun.

If your more of the crafty type and make your gifts, Sew Mama Sew has been having a plethora of tutorial ideas for gifts. Everything from Christmas ornaments to blankets. It's a crafter's dream to get so many ideas for gifts and have all the tutorials right there. Plus they have a new tutorial gift category every day of November! If I had a sewing machine (which I actually asked Santa for Christmas so we'll see) I'd be going to town making little teacher totes or Christmas Ornaments. Instead I can only drool over the great ideas.

My last gift idea is actually a recipe. I plan on making a big 'ol batch of these Cinnamon rolls for neighbors and teachers. We try not to spend a lot of money on "little gifts" instead I'd rather make something from the heart. Since I worship the recipes of Pioneer Woman and have not been disappointed yet with a recipe. I think these Cinnamon rolls are going to make everyone want to slap me silly and call me momma. That's my hope anyway.

I'm sure a lot of these items you've probably seen, but I think it gives a nice variety of gifts for different people. Check out the other great gift ideas at Melanie's place by clicking on the nifty badge above.


Jane said...

I love it when students give me homebaked items. Not all teachers do, but frankly, I have too much stuff and too little time. So, homebaked cini buns would be much appreciated for Christmas breakfast!

Randall said...

I just saw CINNAMON ROLLS and that made me hungry. Yummm....

But thanks for sharing your ideas!

Kristiem10 said...

Great ideas. I bookmarked the digi photo keychain. And don't you just love Ree the Pioneer Woman?

Mommy Cracked said...

I've been hearing alot about The Dangerous Book for Boys. I think I will get my little guy a copy and put it back for when he is old enough!

Devin said...

I'm now hooked on the Perpetual Kid site. Thanks!

Melody said...

I am planning on making those cinnamon rolls for the guys at my husband's work. I didn't think about the teachers. It makes so many I think I could take them for the entire school.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

WOW, great list of items!
Love the photo keychain.....I will have to look into those!



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