Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Meme About Your Town

Hubs is headed to the airport to fly off to foriegn land, so things are a little quiet right now and I'm trying to get out of cleaning.
Heres a meme on you town that I stole. Sorry Deb!
Here’s how it works. Pretend that you have out of town guests visiting your city for the very first time and you’re the tour guide. Where would you take them? What would you do? Then tag 5 other people so they can proudly show-off their hometown, too! Remember, you can only mention one thing in each category. -I probably wont tag anyone.

Best Place To Eat: Here in East Texas of course the top choice would be BBQ and I would have given high praises to the one I frequent but my love for that restaurant has been dashed. Instead right now I would say Vaughns. It's a seafood place and is yum, the fried catfish is their specialty and the coleslaw, beans and of course the hush puppies are delish. They give you all the fixins like the beans, and slaw while your waiting for the main course. They are a little pricey and we usually only go on special occasions or when hubs has gotten his bonus check.

Best Shopping Mall: Well seeing as how it's really the only shopping mall in this town, Broadway Square Mall is it. It's really not super spectacular it has the basics with the major department stores you need. I usually have no need to go to the mally except maybe once a year with my MIL for Christmas.

Best Tourist Attraction: The Azalea Trail and The Rose Festival are probably the biggest attratctions. We are the Rose Capital of Texas after all. I love the azaleas every spring the "up to do" neighborhoods really pull out all the stops to have the best looking lawns. Supposedly people come all over the world to see it. The rose festival is always held in October and there's a big rose queen corination with very very fancy ball gowns. These debutants go through all the pageant classes and everything for this pageant. So glad I have boys.

Best Land Mark: This one may be odd but somewhere here in town, buried in a unmarked grave is David Koresh.

Entertaining The Kids: Uhm mine are perfectly entertained just running outside in their underwear. Ahem..
We do have the Discovery Science Place which is a kids museum, The Caldwell Zoo, and of course there's always Chuckie Cheese.

Breathtaking Views: We are the piney woods side of Texas, probably the prettiest part of Texas IMO. I'm not much into flat plains that go for miles. Lots of gorgeous pine trees tall as the eye can see. I don't think I'd want to live any other part of Texas.

Popular Outdoor Activity: That would have to be the lakes. Lots of them all around just pick a direction and you'll probably run into one.

That's about it. Were a fairly quiet town. Were a good ten miles off the major interstate and smack in between Big D and Shreveport. Our town is growing by the minute and though the traffic is bearable, I'm sure within the next 5 years we'll be swelling and the town will have to grow out closer toward the highway.

If you feel like doing this Meme go for it, I never was good at tag.

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