Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm definatly not a nominee for mother of the year

Dear Bossyboy,
I'm sorry I gave you a smack on your bottom for dumping half a brand new bottle of kid shampoo on you brother's bed. It wasn't your fault that your brother gave you the bottle to smell. He should have known better. Even though you forgave me and still hugged and kissed on me goodnight, I still feel like dog doo for doing that. Also there probably wasn't any need to get on to you about wanting to ride on the cereal box like a ride-on toy car. I just didn't feel it necessary for you to actually use the cereal box. Couldn't you have used something else that actually has wheels? I'm just sayin.

Dear House,
I'm sorry I haven't given you a thorough cleaning that you deserve every week. Sure you had a pretty good cleaning last week, but that was only downstairs. I realize I've totally neglected your up stairs. I know I keep promising I will do it but things just come up. Besides the boys will have it in a disaster in 10 minutes and then it wouldn't be worth it.
Your tenant

Dear Wonderboy,
I'm sorry I haven't gotten your glasses fixed or adjusted for you. I realize that just bending them up myself so they will stay on your face, doesn't quite work the same way. I'm also pretty sure that the optical place is going to tell me you need new frames. I think your warranty is out on those since we used the warranty the last of the dozen times we fixed them. Once our ship comes in we'll get two pair like we normally do. You'll be ok til then right?

Dear Gameboy,
I'm sorry I don't enjoy playing Pokemon with you. I'm really fine to play any other game with you but not Pokemon. I just honestly would rather have a root canal. Speaking of root canals... that tooth that got knocked out by that 5 year old kid with the baseball, you do think it's going to be ok? I'm just a little concerned about it, but really don't want to take you to the dentist only to find it really is ok. It was a baby tooth (Thank you Lord) so it should be fine.



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Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

As the reigning MOTY, I have to tell you it's overrated, tee hee.

Great post. I should write a letter to my poor, filthy house.


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