Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Few Things To Note About My Dog...

My dog Anakin and I say "my" when I really should say that I'm his. This dog is supposed to be C's dog.
C is one of these people that cannot resist looking at the puppies people are giving away on the side of the road. If he sees a stray dog walking down the street it takes all of his willpower to not stop. Anakin happened to be one of those puppies people were giving away on the side of the road.

Now Annie is mine. He knows my schedule to a tee. Sadly my schedule is pretty predictable. He knows I'm supposed to be up by 6 in the morning and assumes the same thing on Sat. and Sun. He goes crazy by 7AM if I'm not up. When I say crazy I mean he's literally nosing me out of bed with his cold wet nose on the small of my bare back. I don't know how he finds an open spot on the covers but he finds it. If that doesn't work then he's up on the bed literally "digging" me out of the covers. It really is quite a rousing wake up.

He also knows when I should be going to bed. If I decide to lay down for a bit anytime before 10PM he's digging me out of bed then too. When I'm late going to bed he also lets me know, by giving me the look and pawing and whimpering at me. He's pretty much my keeper. Nothing gets by him.

As I was trying to take a cute pic of him all nestled in his make shift bed, he attacked me as if to say. Yo woman I don't do pictures. So I bring you my futile attempt to take pics of my dog. You'll primarily see the ceiling and only a small portion of the dog. He on top of me giving me kisses and just laying on me. I had to hold him down with my legs just to get the last shot. My cries of "Halp" did not help much as no one seemed in a hurry to help me.

One of these days I'll get hubs to video him getting me out of bed as I'm sure it's quite entertaining to watch. He never even tries to get hubs up. C. says it's because he knows that C. is the "Alpha Dog" (Whatever).
This is me on my back as I was attacked.
The only shot I could get of him, which was to close as he was literally on my chest licking my face and ears. Something tells me he likes me just a little bit.

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