Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I apogolize if I've been a bit comatose lately

It seems like it's been really quiet around the old blog lately. I hope I haven't scared every one away? I'm sure it's just me. I admit I've seemed scarce lately, not really commenting on others blogs as much and my posts haven't really been stick to your rib kind of posts. I've just been kinda blah the last few days.

I've been a bit overwhelmed lately just with lots of activities going on, primarily doing various things for the kids for all their fall parties. It's really enough to wear one out. I just get in these modes where I obsess over every stupid little thing and so my brain is going 90 miles a minute but my body is in slow don't wanna go mode. Basically I've been pretty lazy lately when it comes to the household but in go mode in my mind debating how to fix up the kids costumes, what am I going to carve the pumpkins as, am I going to dress up for the office contest party, what kind of other costume can Wonderboy use for the storybook character day? All these random questions going on in my mind.

So I apologize for just being completely out of it. I have of course been reading my regular peeps blogs..I'm there, I've just been to lazy to comment. Once all this fall stuff gets out of the way I should (crossing my fingers) be back in action. Of course, Thanksgiving will be right around the corner and I'll probably be right back where I started.

Bare with me, don't leave me..I love you all.. muah muah...can you tell I'm groveling on the floor begging?


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