Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Revised Food Guide Pyramid According To A 7 Year Old

There's two types of eaters in my family those that eat just about anything everything and would lick the bowl clean. Then there's the other type that gags just at the sight of anything green, yellow, or any color and grew in a garden.
Last night we had broccoli cheese soup, it was deliciousoso. One half of the family was singing my praises and kissing the ground I walk on and begging me for more and deeming me queen of the soup. Maybe not quite that, but they did love the soup. Then there's the two odd balls. The seven year old and the three year old. I can somewhat understand the three year old cause it's something new and a different texture, the seven year old literally choked and gagged just at the slightest taste of the broccoli. He really could win an Oscar for his performance.

Wonderboy has his own food guide pyramid. It looks a little something like this:

I have no magic spell to cast on him to make him eat his veggies and fruit. Some days he will make an all out attempt if the bribe of a yogurt on the go is involved. Otherwise he has to at least try it with out spitting, sputtering, gagging, or choking on the small bite I make him try. He never appears to starve to death, though he is a lanky little bean pole. He never complains about being hungry later and just deals with it.

You give this boy meat, starch and or a sugary substance and he'll eat til the cows come home. Yet he wont eat cake or cakie like items. I could go on for hours on the weird things he will eat and then yet in the same sense the foods he wont eat. It all comes down to how many days has he gone with only tasting one or two bites of food compared to actually eating a full meal. As long as vegetables are not involved, he'll clean his plate and be good for another three days or so.

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Anonymous said...

Try the Sneaky Chef cookbook. I have been able to sneak in lots of veggies in Gracie's meals and she does not even know it.

mama k said...

Love that pyramid! LOL
Kids are so funny. Good thing they grow out of most of the weirdness at some point.

Here's my blogblast entry:

Daisy said...

I like the pyramid! My daughter learned to like tomatoes when she picked them herself from our (tiny) garden at age 3. Now, in college, she likes fresh green beans, raw, if she can get them. Cooked veggies? Not so much.

Karianna said...

Oooh! Bonus points for visual aids!

Michelle said...

After teaching cooking classes to kids for several years, I see that kids eat much better when they help to prepare their food!

On my blog ( I have been talking about where to draw the line between honesty and getting our kids to eat well.

Take a peek and learn about some other ideas that might work that are less deceptive than hiding smooshed ingredients their meals...

SAHMmy Says said...

Your pyramid is too funny! I love the bottom block; clever!


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