Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thursday 13-My Day Off List

I'm taking off work on Friday to have ME time. I have been envisioning MY day off since Monday I requested off two weeks ago. Since this is technically my "birthday" weekend, I am truly going to indulge. I made a list of 13 things I plan to do on Friday.

1. Since I wont get to actually sleep in on Friday, I will be more than eager to run my taxi service, bright and early. The kids do have to go to school you know. Not that I would have actually taken a day off to spend time with them. That's what Saturday and Sunday is for right?

2. I will promptly go from dropping kids off to spending my morning at the big box B&B store with all books and a nice little coffee shop inside, where the coffee costs big bucks.

3. After spending most of the morning at B&B, I will head to the "House of Wal" and eagerly spend my $60 gift card that I worked my a** off for last week at work, doing extra projects. The workplace is awesome to give incentive for cheap labor. I most likely will not spend it all on me, it's the giver in me.

4. I will return home around noonish and hope that my darling hubs will then whisk me away to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. Where I will bathe in queso sauce and drink Margarita's to the point of being giddy.

5. Around one or twoish, I hope to return home to catch a little cat nap- all that queso and Margarita can really do an old lady in.

6. At 3 or 4 the plan is to spruce up the house a bit. Although I highly doubt this will happen as I never get to watch Ellen or Oprah and that is precisely the time they come on. I've got high priorities.

7. 5:00p.m. the fun ends, and I will make my mom taxi rounds.

8. I will then get a small glimmer of hope that hubs will feel generous and take us to dinner, since I didn't make a plan for Friday. Otherwise it's leftovers. Woot!

9. Forage through my loot from the "House of Wal"

10. Either break into the new book I plan to buy or read through the one I'm currently reading.

11. Put my children to bed

12. Prepare my list of things to clean to get ready for my parents visit. (Did I mention my mom's birthday is the same as mine or vice versa?)

13. Take a nice long shower and maybe just maybe, if I'm feeling really spunky, I will shave.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Sounds like a wonderful day you've got planned! Happy birthday to you and your mom, and I hope you enjoy your 'me' day! :)

Lawanda said...

13 craked. me. up.


How very cool that you bday is on your mom's! :) And enjoy your loot from "House of Wal" ;) That is kewl :)


Lawanda said...

Uhh. (Cracked... not craked.) sorry!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Oooh, fun! Can I come to lunch with you and bathe in queso, too?!

Happy birthday!


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