Friday, September 28, 2007

As Always Things Never Go As Planned

I love how make a plan and it just all goes to crap. Well it wasn't ALL crap, but when you have this extravagant plan and only some of it happens it kinda blows. You guys can honestly skip this post..cause it's just a bunch of belly aching.

I didn't go to B&B. Hubs requested I bring home pigs or pigs in a blanket if you want to get all technical about it. I figured ok maybe he'll want to hang out with me today. Wrong!

Hubs is recovering from his monthly sinus extravaganza. It never fails when something is "planned" he comes down with it. Bless his heart he can't help it, it's always just bad timing.

I decided after breakfast to hit the "House of Wal" and splurge a little on the kids and me. I didn't find anything at the "House of Wal' that I was just dying to have for me or the kids. I did enjoy the luxury of just browsing the make up and hair aisles, something I never get to do. So I loitered quite nicely there. I spent my gift cards on groceries and just random crap. Oh well, I didn't really need anything anyway.

I get home and practically beg hubs to take me to lunch. You would have thought I was taking him for a beating. I understood he was still trying to recover. He suggested I go see a movie or something. I don't go to movies alone, never have, never will. So out of the goodness of his heart he took me and of course it was yummy. I was trying to have "conversation" with him but I might as well have been talking to myself since his eyes were so glazed over. We left and he went straight to bed for a nap.

I thought all is not lost Ellen's about to come on. I never get to watch Ellen or Oprah due to the whole work thing and we don't have TIVO. I know were living in the stone ages. I settled into watch Ellen and enjoy getting the remote to myself for a change. I flip to the channel and it's some crossword game show. I check the guide and Ellen is no where to be found in the afternoon. Dang you T.V. Execs changing my schedule. She probably comes on in the mornings now.

So I'm sitting here watching Take Home Chef on TLC. If some stranger with T.V. camera's came up to me in the grocery store and asked if he could buy my groceries and then come home and cook my family's dinner, I'd probably have to decline or find somebody elses house to cook it. My house would look like crap as it does now. I thought it really ironic that they found some really chic chick and she just happened to be in the wine aisle and she just happened to have this awesome house/kitchen. This dude would have to find me in the frozen food aisle. He would have to have a nack for chicken nuggets. Not just anybody can make chicken nuggets you know. That's all I'm sayin.

Ugh Oprah's talking about transgender people. Not particularly the topic I was looking forward to. I was hoping for some Dr. Oz.
Anyways guys I will stay on the positive and get off my duff and straighten this house. Tomorrow I will look forward to seeing my parents and get all spoiled. If you made it this far then you deserve a Haiku. You really didn't think I would blog on Friday and not have a Haiku?

House of Wal Sucks Butt.
Mexican food makes it all good.
How I miss Ellen.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry your day did not go as planned. Tell your mom, dad, and sis that I said hello. Happy early birthday to you both. I have known you since the first grade and somehow did not know that you and your mom shared a birthday!



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