Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Scent of Memory

When people smell something specific baking like cookies or bread, it usually takes them back to a childhood memory. I don't have any kind of specific baking or cooking memory that is related to smell. I do however have an unusual smell that does bring up a memory.
The smell of moth balls for some reason always make me think of my dad's Aunt Clarice's house. I know I was a very small child at most 5 or 6, visiting her musty dark house. Most likely it wasn't dark or musty but to a small child it seemed overwhelming and spooky with such a daunting smell.
She was quite elderly and had her little dog GiGi to keep her company. We always made it a point to come up and visit her on Memorial Day weekend to help her place flowers on the graves of deceased family members. When we would first enter her house the smell would almost be over whelming of must and dampness which was similar to moth balls.
I know I never really identified the smell until I was much older and could actually cooralate what the smell was. The smell of moth balls is just one of those smells you never forget.

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stephanie said...

Nice & concise; I immediately know what you mean about mothballs smelling spooky. I am actively trying to avoid leaving my kids with creepy scent memories - I'm sure I'll miss something, though.

dana said...

I love scent memories so much! Whenever I smell pumpkin pie I think about Thanksgiving dinners at my Great Aunt Hannah's house. She was so much fun. She always sit on her lap when she played pinochle with the boys. We were the only ladies at the card table!


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