Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Because really a blog with lame posts is just lame..

I really don't have anything mind blowing to say at the moment, so I will just jot down my random thoughts. Who doesn't love a random thought post or really who cares?

My 3 day weekend was good. I got nothing house worthy done. But I sure watched OU put a beating to North Texas, Saturday. Not that I'm bragging I'm just sayin.

I dragged took my kids and hubs to the zoo yesterday. I felt that Bossyboy needed to see the zoo as he hadn't been since he was a baby. Every kid at the age of 3 should have an experience with the zoo. I don't care who you are. I anticipated seeing his wonder and excitement at the elephants and the crazy giraffe peeking his head over the ten foot fence. I didn't get that from him though. Sure he had fun but he wasn't in awe like I wanted him to be. The other boys also just aren't as crazy about the zoo like I am. Maybe it was the 100% humidity we were feeling that zapped out their energy.
When the round robin discussion was brought up on what our favorite part of the zoo was, they all agreed the playground was the best. Of course the hubs had to chime in that we could have saved $30 by just going to the park for free.

C. loves to take pictures of "things" when we visit places like the zoo or where ever. When I say "things" I mean the animals or the buildings and stuff of the places we are visiting. He doesn't, however, like to take pictures of the kids/us when were at these places. I have no idea why. It almost became a heated issue at the zoo. I'm all about taking pics of the animals but not every single freakin one there. I like to look at and take pics of the kids with the animals. You know since they are the primary focus. I could really care less about seeing 10 pics of an anteater. If I try to ask for the camera to take pics of the kids you would have thought I was trying to take the remote to the T.V.

When just the hubs and I went to Pennsacola a few years ago the only pics you see are beach, people at the beach we don't know, some seagulls, more beach, and maybe a boat or two. What you don't see is us basking in the beauty of said beach. I just don't get it.

I finally asked him, after wrestling him down for the camera to atleast let me take 1 maybe 2 pics of the kids, What's the deal? Why no pics of the kids and yet a hundred fifty pics of an anteater? His response. I can see you guys everyday, but something like this you don't see every day.

So I got to thinking about this. I realized I think what it is, is that the animals, the buildings, the beach ect. are fairly stationary. Where trying to get all three boys to be still and face forward and maybe even attempt a smile, plus not have a goofy look on their face, all at the same time is a lot more work than it ever should be.

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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

We did the zoo yesterday too! We got a good balance of pics, I think - between animals and kids, or are they all just one and the same? LOL :)


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