Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm really sorry if you know someone name Schuyler..

I really apologize for being so witchy lately. I think it's the hormones getting ready to turn 30. Age and hormones are not mixing so well lately. I have a few little items to get off my chest.
Today I picked my little darling from after school care and noticed another mom taxi. Nothing special except for the 5 hundred sports decals plastered all over the back windows. This mom obviously had 3 children name Maddie, Schuyler, and some other name that isn't really relevant. They all played at least 5 different sports. Now I'm all about supporting your kids sporting by buying these decals, but my thoughts are do you really want to plaster your kids name all over for the world to see? I personally just don't like the idea of "strangers" being able to see what my kids name is and then possibly call them by name to make my kids think that this stranger knows my kid, simply because they said their name. I'm just kind of paranoid about things like that.
The other obvious thing was the spelling of Schuyler. I have weird issues about people spelling their kids names in some chic hip way. I honestly think it's stupid. You might remember this post about my rant on school safety. I of course intentionally spelled the kids names goofy cause it is one of my pet peeves. If you do spell your kids name uniquely please forgive me I mean no harm, I'm really just witchy today. Now I assume this kids name is pronounced "Skyler" but then maybe it is Shcuyler like Bueller? The spelling on this kids name is what set me over the edge and inspired this post.

As if the plastered sports decals was not enough, their youngest child whom I assume is maybe 5 earliest a late 4, was decked in her soccer gear and was sucking on a binki. Again, I have absolutely no problem with giving your BABY a binki. I admit I was a "binki bitch" myself and darn proud of it. I'd do anything to shut my kid up to calm my baby and keep my sanity, but at 4 or 5? Puleaasse!

There I feel so much better now. Thanks again ya'll for enduring my rage.


kristi said...

Yeah, I work at a photo processing lab and you should see kids almost 6 years old sucking a binky. SAD!

Lawanda said...

I get enraged over things like that sometimes too. Especially the preschooler with a binky. YIKES. Although all the sports decals would get my goat too. It bugs me when kids lives revolve around the sports their parents think they need. *rolleyes*

Oh, and crazy spellings bug me too, but I have to admit to being slightly guilty of the same. Kela's name is different because we named her after her dad and myself (KEvin and LAwanda) and Raechel's name is different because I named her after a beloved friend, and my dh would not have her named Naomi Rae, so I thought up Raechel Naomi! :) So see look at me rationalizing away here ;)


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