Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Child Labor Part 2

Chilihead gave us a blog challenge on how you manage the chores for the kids. She obviously didn't read my child labor management post about this very issue.
My boys are 8, 7, and 3.
I will highlight what I started and give you an update on my failed attempt success.

-Instead of delegating out the chores, I let them volunteer what chore they wanted to do.

-I gave each child thorough on the job training for a couple of days so they would know what is expected of them.

-Once they got the routine down, I used my reverse psychology powers to let them know they are the boss of their job. I advised them they could delegate assistance when needed, but I would not interfere on the job or in other words nag.

-The pay is 50 cents per chore. This was C.'s plan as he's the CFO of the "company".

My results so far haven't been a rousing success. I blame the return of school and homework and extra curricular activities.
They were very gungho at first and liked the idea of being their own boss and expert of their job. They also liked the idea of picking the jobs they wanted to do. This also worked well when they complained as I would casually bring up the fact that they picked it so deal with it. I did mention a promotion to them where they could advance to another chore and then train the younger brother on their old job.

They are expected to keep their room clean no matter what and to remove their dirty dishes from the table when finished eating. Were still a work in progress on this. They also are assigned additional chores for punishment. Yeah were the child slave labor types around here. That's really the extent of the chore thing. I look forward to everyone elses brilliant methods at Chilihead's place.


The Lazy Organizer said...

Letting the kids pick their own jobs is the key to making our system work too.

Be Inspired Always said...

We do the samething here. PLus we have a new rule when it comes to school/homework. They earn "time tickets" when they do a chore. They get 5 minutes of extra help with their homework. They get 30 minutes of free time.

Last year I spent about three hours doing homework with my younger child. It became hectic. So I started this instead and it is working wonders.


kristi said...

Normally I just ask my daughter to do a random chore a day. If she is cooperative, she gets $5 week. My son, who is mildly autistic is helpful as well. His reward is a trip to the dollar store.


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