Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Few Kiddisms

I used to be really good at posting a few random quips from the kids, but got kind of lazy. Well actually by the time I'd get to blogging, I'd totally forget what it was they said. Not today!

Bossyboy who is 3 is a pretty smart cookie. I accidentally turned on the wrong street to pickup Gameboy from after school care. He immediately told me from the back seat that I was going the wrong way. We have only been going this route for 2 weeks now.
When we picked Gameboy up I told him about Bossboy telling me I went the wrong way. Gameboy stated "Mom, he's a pretty smart kid. He would probably the pass 5th grade or somethin." (highly unlikely)

This evening I had the raw chicken out getting ready to cook it, when Gameboy had to mention how gross it looked. I explained to him that this is a dead chicken what else do you expect it to look like? He started asking me about the feathers. "Mom, what do they do with the chicken's feathers?" "I would think that they probably just throw it away." I assumed. "Why do they have to waste them like that, Why can't they do something with it like make Indian costumes?"
The first thing I thought of is some person standing on a street corner dressed in a chicken costume with an Indian head dress, trying to promote a fried chicken restaurant.

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