Monday, July 30, 2007

Child Labor Rules!

Lately I've been immersed in leadership and management seminars the past few months at work and decided it's time to take my bosses wasted well spent money to use. Actually I am somewhat learning a few things from these seminars, like how to put my children to work for me without making them think their working "for me".
This weekend I conjured up a little mini meeting with the boys and turned the tables on them by asking them what jobs they would like to be responsible for. This way instead of me assigning them the job they would assign themselves a job. I figured this way it's something they actually may enjoy doing since well they volunteered for it. Gameboy the oldest immediately jumped in and volunteered for Dish Duty. "It will be so easy Mom!" Muhwaaahaaa so you think huh? I said to myself. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked. I had no clue the boy had such a longing for doing dishes. Wonderboy also volunteered to Vacuum. Who knew?! Sweet little Bossyboy even asked what job could he have. I felt like a true genius.

As an effective manager parent, I felt it my duty to give proper communication on what I expected from the results of each job and complete and proper training on how the job should be adequately done. I also brain washed them to think that they are the boss of their own job once training is complete. I told them I would only be around as assistant manager if needed aid is rendered. I made it clear that I would not nag as they are in charge of their job and no one else could do their job, yet they could deploy responsibility to others for a specific task. Oh yes I got all manager geek speak on them and they ate it up. "Alright Mom I'm the boss!"
Gameboy was first up since well dishes are a never ending task in this house. Somehow I don't think he thought his cunning plan through about his job. I gave him complete and proper instructions on how to empty and fill the dishwasher. I knew I had to give concise training on loading the dishwasher, as my right eye starts to twitch uncontrollably if the dishwasher is not properly loaded.
Gameboy was really loving his job day 1. By day 3 he could not believe that this was something that had to be done EVERY SINGLE DAY! Today he even told me, "Mom why do we use so many dishes?!" "Because we don't eat like dogs," is really all I could tell him. He also got a realization that Wonderboy only had to do his duty once a week. "That's so not fair!" That my friends is when I pulled out my Ace. "But loving son, I let you choose your job, so how is it not fair?" He grumbled a bit on that one. I did tell him that as the "boss" of his job, he can in fact deploy responsibility by asking his fellow co-worker brother to assist on parts of the job like emptying the silverware basket or gathering up all the dirty dishes from the house.
So far things are going fairly well despite almost chopping off his fingers in the garbage disposal. (I'm learning here to on this whole management training thing.) I'm not nagging about the dishes sitting for hours on end, instead I casually ask is there any kind of assistance I can do for you as your supervisor to get the job done? He usually grudingly gets to it. I even told him once he became an expert on dishes it would be time to be promoted to laundry and that he would then need to train Wonderboy on the occupation of dish washing. He asked, "what's promoted mean?" As I snickered quietly to myself.."in time son, right now your still in training."

I think my work would be impressed on my knowledge of leadership and management skills. Effective communication, Training, and Trust are all one needs to be an efficient child slave owner manager. I don't think they intended these seminars to be applied for home use though.


Anonymous said...

love it! Rebecca would be proud!

Lawanda said...


You totally crack me up!!


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