Thursday, August 23, 2007

Update on HM2

I had a new person comment on my post about High School Musical 2. I love new bloggy friends that come to visit just randomly. Since I'm not one to disappoint my raving fans, I figure I better let you guys know what I think..because the fate of the world depends on it. Well, maybe not but I live to serve.

I honestly didn't think much about HM2. Maybe it was to current with the times with a muscial cheesy spin that did it. Maybe it was the antagonist character named after a cute wrinkly dog, who drives a pink Mustang that did me in. I've never been a big fan of spoiled rich girls trying to steal the good boyfriend plot lines. Whatever it was I didn't feel the groove.

I probably should have watched the first one, as 9 times out of 10 the sequal is always usually bad.

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Lawanda said...

The first one wasn't nothin' to holler about neither.


It was like a really juvenile cheesy and BAD Grease remake.

I am kinda fond of the original Grease. And did not happen to appreciate the overacting disney kids trying to pull it off, personally. The exaggerated acting they do already tends to bug me!

I could not be bothered to think about the second one! :-p I farmed my kids out to people who had disney channel so they could watch it, though. Aren't I nice? But that is as nice as it got. I refused to listen to their effusions.

(I know. I am so mean!)


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