Thursday, August 23, 2007


This is the conversation I overheard when the Sonic ice latte commercial was on. You know the one where the woman has a whipped cream moustache and the husband tells her you can only really see it in sunlight?

Gameboy: "Dad that was pretty funny."

Hubs: "Yeah"

Gameboy: "Women don't get moustaches, do they Dad?"

Hubs: "Well they aren't supposed to, unless they have high testosterone in their body."

Gameboy: "Why would they have that?"

Hubs: "I don't know son, you might ask your mother. She's an expert on why women would have moustaches."

I was clearly in earshot, so I'm sure I was meant to hear that.
I try very hard to keep my testosterone tendencies from showing, but there are some days that there's always some odd ball hair that just shoots out of a very precarious place on my face. The hubs is always the one that seems to find it to. All he has to do is give me a studious look at my face and I know what he's looking at.


Lawanda said...

I hate to say this where people can witness it, but I have to bleach the little bit of hair above my upper lip at that time of the month. Only then. Go gigure.

Lawanda said...

Go gigure! hahaha

Sorry. That would be "Go Figure."

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Was hubs trying to pick a fight?!


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