Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another Birthday

Today is C's dad's birthday. If my memory serves me correctly, my M-in law told me they brought home little C's on Waynes birthday and he was one proud papa. I wrote up a memoriam post here back in May, in memory of his passing. He would have been 66 or 67. I thought I'd jot down a few fond memories of my F-in law.

-I remember being terribly nervous meeting his dad for the first time. His father casually mentioned that C. rarely brings a girl up to meet him. He must have known right off that C. was serious about this one.

-His dad always had a habit of blowing his nose at the dinner table. I totally would gross out when he would. C. told his dad that it grossed me out. He would tease me to no end about it and go out of his way to not blow his nose at the table with me there.

-His dad and I loved teasing C. about random stuff. We just loved to gang up on him especially when his buffalo eyes were bigger than his butterfly butt. He thought for sure when he ordered 4 biscuits at breakfast that he would be able to eat it all. He obviously couldn't and we never let him forget it.

-Gameboy got his very first haircut on his first birthday. It was the very last haircut Wayne cut. He barely had the strength to do it, but he did. He died 4 weeks later.

-I feel certain he fought to live long enough to see his 2nd grandson born, even if it meant seeing him in NICU on video.

-One of the hardest decisions I ever had to make was leaving my sick baby in Big D to go with hubs to T-Town in OK, to be with his dad. I'm glad I did as hubs needed my support. We drove like bats out of you know where to get there as we didn't think we would make it.

Happy Birthday Wayne we love you and miss you.

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