Saturday, August 25, 2007

Isn't It Ironic?

Jennifer had posted a plea for another blog friend of hers about the proper age of when a kid wipes. I had been keeping my own kid's poo issues to myself lately cause I thought I would be considerate of his feelings, but he's 3 and probably doesn't care.

Bossyboy is completely 100% potty trained except for the poo. He refuses to poo in the toilet. No kind of bribery works to get him to sit long enough to try. No special treats, reading books, singing songs, mom doing a crazy happy poo dance, nothing. He also will not poo in his underwear. I believe he actually hates the feel in his underwear and this theory has been confirmed today. This kid will literally wait all day until bed time to poo in his pull up. I know what your saying it's probably time to start putting him in the underwear at night to. But I really don't wanna yet. I'm still having issues with night wetting with Wonderboy and 2 night wetters would just wear me completely out. So I'm just not ready.

This morning as I was reading Jennifer's plea to help another blogger, I was commenting giving my own assvice when hubs was asking Bossyboy if he had pooed in his pants. I was a bit shocked cause he never does that. Hubs stated well he has a pull up on. What? I didn't put a pull up on him, he has his underwear on. Since I was in the middle of a very important comment on Smilingmoms blog, I told Mr. Bossy to go clean himself up. I know, I have my priorities.

I go into check him out. This kid has it all figured out. He took his wet pull up from last night out of the trash and put it back on by himself and pooed in it. He then put it back in the trash along with his underwear. He also was using the wet wipes to clean himself up. I didn't know what to say about this. My older two would have never come up with such a cunning plan as this. I told hubs I should retract my comment on her blog as it looks like Bossyboy does know how to wipe on his own. I think were putting the cart before the horse on this issue though.

I hope this to be the last time I ever blog about poo, unless you guys are just dying to know the outcome.


Lawanda said...

*Ahem* Hmmmm...

Interesting blog topic ;)

My girls never had these problems, they all did both in the potty at a young age. So I guess unless I have a boy someday I may never get to blog about ... this ... ;) hahaha

Lawanda said...

LOL! No apologies necessary :-D I love reading the stuff you come up with! Even the more... *ahem* things ;)

Smiling Mom said...

So funny! Thanks for the comment. By the way, my sil's friend's son (ok this is seriously how gossip starts) had the same fear of the toilet. They finally said it was ok if he pooped in his pullup as long as he was sitting on the toilet.

So once that routine was established they started cutting a circle in the butt of the pullup. Then they had him sit on the toilet.

Once he pooped into the toilet through the hole, they went crazy with excitement.

They never had a problem again.

This is still one of my favorite potty training stories!!

Anonymous said...

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Absolutely Bananas said...

Wow. Well... I guess the GOOD thing was that he clearly takes responsbilities for his misdeeds... right?! ;)


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