Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Truth About The Tooth

Gameboy has been popping out teeth like popcorn the last couple of weeks. I don't ever remember as a kid his age where I'd lose 2-3 teeth in a two week period. Anyways lucky for me he just pulls them out himself or they just "pop" out like he said the one he lost yesterday did. The problem is once they are out, he loses them literally. Then it becomes an issue with Mrs. T. Fairy. For some reason you have to actually have a tooth to receive your monetary reward. The tooth he lost last week, I think he kind of forgot about due to the distraction of getting his allowance money. Therefor Mrs. Fairy didn't make an appearance.

Last night he was really concerned about Mrs. Fairy not coming since he again literally lost the tooth from yesterday. I told him go ahead and write her a note and maybe she'll understand. His eyes lit up and he thought I was a genius, which of course I am, but I don't like to brag. He wrote a meaningful note about losing his tooth and how sorry he was, and that he would try better next time. He placed the note on his bed in hopes of big riches.

I... ahem... Mrs. Fairy..flew..fluttered? She came in for a landing last night and wrote him a nice note back about what a good boy he is and that she is really proud of all the help he does for his mom. I Mrs. Fairy scrounged the house for a decent amount of change and had really no change whatsoever except pennies but that probably wouldn't fly with him. Inflation these days is a killer. Luckily for Mrs. Fairy she found a fifty cent (not the rapper) piece. A rare find in deed!

This morning Gameboy came bouncing into the kitchen. "Look Mom, the tooth fairy left me a note and a special coin I've never seen before." He was so ecstatic about the note and has decided that he needs to write a thank you note back to the tooth fairy. Here's my dilemma, do I does the tooth fairy write him back and we become pen pals and BFF forever or does she just not respond back to the thanks? I'm proud of him for actually thinking of responding to thanks on his own, but I don't want to drag this out. I don't want him to be disappointed that she didn't respond. Is it time to give the whole thing up and tell him it's all a facade? He's 8 and still a bit sensitive about these things.


Anonymous said...

I would not tell him the truth just yet. Do you remember when I told you about Santa Clause in the 2nd grade. You were so sad and did Mrs. U ever get onto me. She even pulled me out of Mrs. D's room to chew me out good! I would say to him that the tooth fairy knows that he is thankfull because she already knows how sweet and polite he is and therefore no need for a thank you note. What do you think?

Lawanda said...

When our tooth fairy forgets to leave money (it happens... haha) and she writes a note to apologise and the kids write her a thank you note.... Ahem... yes this has happened several times over the years ;)... that is the end of the correspondence. :-D


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