Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Congrats are in order.

A dear friend of mine accomplished something that most people don't get the opportunity to accomplish or only dream of achieving, getting her doctorate. This accomplishment is a dream she has had since high school and she never gave up on her dream.
She has sacrificed so much, by spending countless hours working long hours, teaching and mentoring her studied course to others, and then being a wife and a mother on top of everything. I'm just so proud of her and wish I could be there to toast her accomplishment. I know her family is also so very proud of her. Her hubby has also made the awesome sacrifice of being a stay at home dad to their 2 boys. So he deserves a big pat on the back to, for being such a supportive husband.
Congrats again Dr. S! Now take a big sigh of relief and take a break now and relax a little for a change.

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Lawanda said...

That is AWESOME! And quite an accomplishment to be proud of!


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