Thursday, August 16, 2007

Elvis lives and so does grandpa

I never really "got" what the big deal about Elvis was growing up. I enjoyed his songs to a degree. My parents weren't major fans, though they did have one of his gospel 8-tracs, which they rarely listened to. Maybe it was because he died 2 months before I was born that I didn't appreciate him as I should.
Fastforward to 7 years ago C's father passed away of cancer. During the preparations for his dads funeral on what songs would be played, C's aunt told him that his dad would probably appreciate it if we played Elvis' American Trilogy song. This is basiclly the mixture of Dixieland, and Glory Halleluah. We were a little taken back as this was a piece of him we both didn't know. There was not a dry eye in that chapel when we played that song. It trully represented everything C's dad was and is. That was when I finally got what it was about Elvis. I of course can never keep dry eyes when I hear that song now.

I try really hard to keep C's dads memory alive with the boys. He was so proud of his first grand son that when I was pregnant with Gameboy, he told his own son to get out of his way cause he was blocking him from seeing his grandson, who yes was still inside my belly. So I try to always include him in our prayers at night and recall what I can my own stories of him to the boys.

They were playing an Elvis tribute on PBS tonight where they incorporated the original tapes of Elvis' concerts with his original band playing live along with him. They did an awesome job of it and we really encouraged the kids to listen to Elvis and hopefully hear Grandpa Waynes song. I want them to know and remember their grandfather any way I can. I know I can't give them grandpa but I can bring them pieces of him through music, memories, and prayer. I know he's watching over them now and will be hopefully forever.

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Lawanda said...

Aww how nice! That is a beautiful song. I enjoy Elvis. :)


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