Thursday, August 9, 2007

So..tell me how you really think...

Well since I got such a rousing response on the FF post, I'm going to assume you guys were not doing the blog thing today, hate football, or just really really hate football. With that said I will be sure to never mention it ever ever again. Unless of course you do want to know.

A few random thoughts..
My kids are still at their grandparents and so far my mother is still alive and not begging me to come get them yet. The weeks not over though.

My dog is a miniature moose that can jump like a reindeer. When I say jump he literally jumps across my body in the recliner just so he can lay behind me. Were talking 60 pounds hurdling at a rapid speed across my body and sometimes over my head. Instead of him being the lap dog, I'm the one laying in his lap. I don't know why he likes to sit behind me.

I have been a huge slacker this week with the kids gone. I throw in a load of laundry and fold, but haven't put in the effort to put the clothes away. I haven't cooked all week. We've just been yo yoing it (your on your own). I did give the dogmoose a bath so that should count for something. Right?

That's all I got for today folks. We get to the real in depth issues here at casa de momma247. Stay tuned for more in depth coverage when we look into the real story of why I burst into tears uncontrollably and was found hovering in the corner whimpering, "must have chocolate.." repeatedly.

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Lawanda said...

"must have chocolate" hehehe

So I take it you are enjoying your break?! That's great! :)


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