Friday, August 10, 2007

Finding Family Time

There are many times that we as a family end up doing our own thing individually, after a busy work/school day. Quality family time sometimes gets left for another day. Sometimes even the weekend can be distracting with house work, errands or whatever else needs done that couldn't be done during the week. When we start becoming disconnected the hubs knows it's time for a road trip.

We are a family of spontaneity. What I really mean is we all hop in the car together for what we assume is a quick errand, and end up on a wild adventure at least an adventure for the kids. The famous question from the back seat is always, "Where are we going dad?" the hubs will say, "You'll see." and I of course will add just as clueless, "Were going crazy!" We never quite know where the hubs is taking us. Sometimes he'll throw in a clue like what letter it starts with. The boys will continue to guess until another clue is asked for. They usually never can guess as the hubs always has a slight twist. When we reach our destination, sometimes the boys are elated as it's a trip to the park, or their favorite place to eat, and then sometimes it's not quite what they expected at all, like the big home building store. None the less they enjoy us being together taking a random adventure to anywhere.
The car is almost like another family room, where there are no distractions of life like the T.V. or the computer, just us and the road before us. We have actually had very engaging and hilarious conversations with our kids on what they are thinking just from driving around town in the car. That's how I know we have reconnected as a family, just by driving around and talking together.

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Lawanda said...

O wow, my parents loved to take us on "drives" as they called them. consequently I have been all over my state, and several others.

Our vacations even across country have always been road trips. My parents love having us all back there at their mercy! haha!


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