Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I heart my highspeed

Well I'm back trying to get into the swing of things. Sorta.

When I'm on my way to my destination of my parents house, I always think man I wish I could stay a week or so cause I never get all my visiting done. I think what I'm really thinking is; no cleaning, no laundry, no cooking, basically not having to do anything. I'm spoiled that way. My mother she is a saint and pretty much lives to serve.
Where does this leave me? To just lounge around my parents house and do pretty much nothing. It's quite enjoyable oh for about two days, then I start to get a little twitchy. There's a few drawbacks to just lounging around doing whatever I want all day. First of all I don't have any control over the remote. That's pretty much my dad's arena. Sure if I asked Dad if I could turn it over to Foodnetwork he'd be more than happy to oblige, but then he would have to suffer and that would just be rude. So I'm restrained to watching Murder She Wrote or any 80's detective type television. During the afternoons it's a sure bet it will be golf.

There's always the Internet, yeah sure it would be great as long as you have high speed. Dial up anymore is considered manual labor in my book. It really is almost way to much effort than what it should be. The whole log in/password thing, (which I do enough as it is) then just waiting for it to dial in. Don't get me started on the loading process. I probably could have carved my post in stone and sent it to all 3 of my readers by carrier pigeon faster.

I enjoy my tri yearly extended visits to mom and dads. They spoil me and the kids to no end and then somehow have a little bit of energy left to keep the kids a full week. At least I'm well rested and caught up on my 80's T.V. I'm happy to be home with my laptop and high speed Internet. I think I gave it a little a kiss and told it I missed it, when it loaded promptly for me.

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Anonymous said...

i have lived with dial up for way to long. my cheap (i mean thrifty)hubby wont splurge for high speed. I am trying to talk him into at least the cheap DSL!


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