Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dear C.

Dear C.
I apologize for sending you that tacky e-mail from the work e-mail. Not a brilliant idea on my part. I admit I'm a little pissy for whatever reason. I'm sure it's the same reason I always have every month. Next time I will be sure to send it from the non work e-mail. ;)
I also want to admit that it seems like things are way more stressful when you are forced to actually work in the office instead of at home. I think we both were a lot saner. You know instead of seeing you 5 plus hours a day (not including sleeping) Now I have to see you 13 plus hours a day. Of course we don't see each other the whole day but you get my drift. Not saying that I don't want to see or be with you for 13 plus hours a day. Because of course I do, it's just that I don't at the same time, I just think were at each others throats more. I understand it's not your fault..darn you P! Can't you think of our marriage? So no I was not overly thrilled when you told me he wanted you back at the office. Plus that means making extra extra dinner to have left overs for lunch.

Since I haven't openly apologized for that one post, I am now. We discussed it. I have lived and learned and now know to give you a heads up. I hope you decide to come back to the blog. I promise I have been on my best behavior. You can ask my adoring fans. I love when you read my posts. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Knowing that you actually do care about what I say or do makes me happy and puts a deposit in the value you as a person bank. -Yes I learned that last part from that management book I'm forced reading.
Love you,

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Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

My husband won't read my blog, he's sure I bad mouth him all the time. It's not true, I only bad mouth him occassionally.


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