Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Hillbilly Monkey's

What do you get when you have 3 hillbilly monkeys and a visit to the neighbors house? Chaos

I went for a visit to my second childhood's family's house yesterday and thought it very wise to only bring the youngest hillbilly monkey along. A person can only stand to endure so much chaos at someone else's house. My children don't get out to visitin' much. The only people they really ever see is their grandparents and their other grandma. Yesterday I wasn't in the mood for proper visitin' etiquette so I left the two older monkeys at grandmas.

Well my cunning plan didn't quite go through. After bossyboy was showed up by a much cuter younger little girl, who showed him who really was the boss, he was ready to go back to grandma's. So she took him back as I stayed to visit and not 5 minutes later my 2 older hillbilly monkeys came knocking on the neighbor's door. When I say hillbilly and monkey together this is the picture I want you to envision; barefooted dirty children who bombard a strangers house by attacking all the toys the minute they walk in the door and run around like crazed monkeys. You would have thought it was Christmas morning and they had never in their life seen toys before. Needless to say I turned 13 shades of red. Who's crazy children are these?

I immediately had to round up my crew and make a swift exit. I know if I would have stayed a minute longer somebody would have been swinging off those fancy spinning things that hang from the ceiling.

Sorry L. for the chaos that ensued. This is what you get when you have 3 boys who obviously did not get any type of shy/reserved traits from me.

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Anonymous said...

if i was not sitting in some library right now i would laugh outloud. you are to funny. I enjoyed my few min. of visiting and your monkeys are beautiful. you are great mom!


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