Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Summer KISS

It was the summer between junior and senior year and I was reigning as snow cone queen at castle snow cone stand. I had it good with my window AC, a black and white T.V. and all the sugary flavored goodness I could possibly want. Then my neighbors moved in.

My neighbor happened to be a firecracker stand and the family that was running it just happened to be the family of the boy whom I had crushed over since 5th grade. Of course it wasn't just "any" boy, it was of course Mr. popular football playing stud muffin I'm to good for you kind of boy. Now I admit by 7th grade my fire for him pretty much burned out and I lowered my standards a bit and found boys to like with in my reach. When I found out they would be running the stand the small burning embers glimmered a teeny tiny bit. Just a small glimmer though. He was after all pretty much engaged to his girl friend as there was a bambino on the way. So it was more of a lump of coal that was still kind of warm from the bbq and not a small burning ember. My chances were pretty slim to none.

The neighbors and I got along pretty well. I was a great hostess and allowed them to visit the snowy castle as it was cooler in there than out at the firey stand. Yeah yeah I see the all the irony as well. The "fire"cracker stand and the "snow" cone stand. Anyways so I would let them in to cool off and offer a snowy sugary treat as long as they had their own cup. See the boss counted the cups cause that's where most of the expenses went in to was the cups.

One night when it was really slow at both places, Studmuffin just happened to be working the stand alone which was rare. He must have came by for his snowy treat and we got to talking and I somehow followed him over to his stand. We started talking about random stuff. I think he was telling me about getting married and the bambino on the way. I just couldn't believe that we were just shootin the breeze like we were old friends. Had it been 5 years earlier I probably would have been freaking out. So we were just hanging out watching the sunset and he turned on some tunes and we started rocking out to KISS-I want to rock and roll all night ..and party every day... We just jammed out and sang and played our air guitars the rest of the night. A good time was had by us both. That my friends was my "Summer KISS" with the coolest guy in school. You didn't really think I actually kissed him did you?!


Anonymous said...

OKAY! You totally had me. Just who was the stud muffin? He is probably really fat and bald with a teenager of his own now!


Lawanda said...

Hahaha, yea, what ^she^ said!

I saw a guy I had a crush on in High School at the HP movie the other day and may I just say I was thanking my lucky stars I married my man, who has only gotten hotter and not bald (yet! lol)! lol


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