Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sucker for A Sale

I got my gift card in the mail yesterday and I was psyched and ready to shop. I knew Iwas going to have to tote at least 2 little darlings as they are always eager beavers to go shopping. Gameboy is like his dad and hates to shop. So off we went to Tarjay!

Remember I made a post of all the wonderful things I really thought I could use? A mixer, bras, and just random stuff? Yeah well none of that happened as usual. The dog did his thing and tore up both Wonderboy and Gameboys shoes pretty much to ragged pieces of leather barely being held by Velcro. It was pretty pitiful and the hubs requested I get them some new shoes. The thing is I hated the thought of buying them new shoes now and then have to turn around and buy them new ones right before school starts. So grudgingly I went knowing my whole card and then some would be blown on shoes.

I skimmed the shoe aisles for boys and low and behold they were having a clearance sale. Were talking $5.86 ( originally $21.00) for a pair of nice athletic shoes perfect for school. They also had some groovy slip on like shoes for about $6.00. I bought 3 pairs all totalling about $23.00! Which normally one pair is that much. The boys are good for the rest of the summer and one boy will have a brand new pair for school. I did my little happy dance and thought it was totally worth it to blow my card on shoes.

Since I also had like $20.00 I found in my purse, I got one of those shoe containers that hang over the door. I'm hoping this will help with the shoe eating dog problem and allow their new shoes to last at least until school starts. So all together I spent a whopping $13.00 at Tarjay! Go me..Go me..Go Go me...doing my awesome sale happy dance...


Sarah said...

Seems like stuff like that always happens to a mom. I'm glad you enjoyed your card though and I bet the shoe rack will pay for itself in no time. :)

Lawanda said...

I love it when a plan comes together ;)

Anonymous said...

I use those little handy dandy pocket shoe racks for everything. I have them on the back of the bathroom doors to hold Gracie's wash cloths, towels, and all of the other nick nacks that go along with a baby. In her room I use the one on the back of her door for the trillion blankets that she has and the shoe holder in her closet holds the trillion babydolls that she has. Rebecca C uses hers for craft supplies and beannie babies. All the possibilities for a simple pocket shoe holder!


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