Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things to Smile About

Shalee at Shalee's Diner has been kind of doing a little theme of posting on random things to smile about. Her things to smile about make me smile to, so I thought I'd share mine as well.
They are in no particular order whatsoever cause I don't have my priorities quite in order and I'm just trying to think of them off the top my head
1. Funny random things my kids say

2. Putting on a warm t-shirt fresh from the dryer

3. When the whole family actually likes and eats a new recipe I've tried.

4. Yummy sweet smelling things that are baking.

5. When the boss randomly decides to have our meeting at Star Bucks and he pays for all our drinks on the company dime.

6. When the sales group chips in and buys ice cream for the whole office cause the A.C is out in the building.

7. When Hubby randomly decides to take us out to dinner on a week night.

8. Dandelions given to me as flowers from my boys.

9. Random hugs from the boys just cause they love.

10. When a boy of mine tells me I'm awesome just because I am.

11. When hubs tells me I'm beautiful and seriously appears to mean it.

12. A random e-mail or comment on my blog from an old friend.

13. Knowing that there's a gift card in the mail just for me.

14. Winning said Gift Card on a blog giveaway.

15. Floating Holidays (3!)

16. A funny post that makes me laugh out loud at work.

17. Knowing that I wont get funny looks for laughing out loud at work.

18. Trying a new restaurant and both hubs and I loving it.

19. Bossyboy finally almost completely potty trained.

20. Anakin the puppy finally completely potty trained.

21 Anakin the puppy nudging my arm not allowing me to blog.

22. A clean house

23.Hearing my husband say "Go turn on that light" when the light is already on. Read this post for clarification.

24. Hearing my boys make up random knock knock jokes.

25. Hearing Bossyboy ask "Can I hold you" when he wants me to pick him up.

26. Sleeping in just a little bit longer during the summer.

27. Only having to drop off the kids at one location in the morning instead of 3 different ones during school.

28. Hearing my Wonderboy sing a random song that he heard on the radio.

29. Hearing Gameboy's theories about the world around him.

30. Finding random cash in my messy purse that I forgot about.


Anonymous said...

I smiled the whole time I read your blog. Gracie smiled when she woke up this morning. I know today will be a smiling kind of day. Thanks, I love your blog!


Lawanda said...

Finding random cash is always nice! And I bet you are happy that Annikin the puppy is finally potty trained!! :)

Lawanda said...

Hp is great for 8 year olds. I think the first 3 books are best for them. After the fourth book they get a little more difficult to read :)

Lawanda said...

Btw, I wish my dh would tell me he thinks I am pretty more often! Sometimes being married to a man who does not speak is difficult! ;)


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