Thursday, July 5, 2007

Scanalize This

5minutesformom is back at it again with a give away. This one sounds pretty nifty. It's called the Scanalizer and it helps contribute to a paperless society by allowing you to scan in receipts, business cards, billing information, even your kids artwork. The thing is the size of a curling iron and looks like it could be great for traveling.
If I were to have one of these puppies, my husband would probably be shocked that I was actually going to attempt to keep better track of our receipts as he's always hounding asking me when I've made a purchase if I've saved my receipt. I think the hubs would also really use it to keep better track of his business receipts for when he travels. This is really a awesome idea.
5minutesformom is giving away 10 of these so check it out and go check out Scanalizer for the other nifty things it can do.

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