Friday, July 6, 2007

Date Night

Tonight C. took the big boys to see Transformers. The hubs had a hunch that I wouldn't be to interested in the T movie, he was right of course. Instead I have a date with the cutest guy in town. Sure he could probably take any girl 3 and under out that he would want to but instead he's stuck with me. Like most of my dates prior to marrying C. we aren't hitting it off to well. He's already dumped his drink on me and is bored with the movie of choice (Cars)that he's seen at least 10 times. When he found out that the guys were doing something way better, he was a little ticked that they didn't include him and is trying to ditch me by telling me his bedtime curfew is at 8.

I have a feeling sooner or later our date nights will be few and far between as he's going to be one of the "big boys" and will have his boy's night out with the rest of them. Sure I feel left out to a degree that I can't hang with the boys and do the things they want to do and besides who wants to hang out with a dumb ol girl anyway?

I realize that I'm out numbered 4 to 1 and that their idea of a good time is going to totally not be what I want to do, like fixing up the old Cougar that C. purchased as a project car for the boys to fix up. Which lucky for them will probably take ten years to finish so they should be good to go when they reach driving age. Of course I also can't forget their project of building up an awesome computer from scratch so the boys will learn how to build and maintain a computer on their own. Then there's tossing around the football in hopes that they will be champion football players.

A few things I do know, is that I will remain queen of the household and these boys do adore and worship me as the queen mother should be worshipped. If I ever will need a tire change or broken down on the side of the road, I will have a selection of at least 4 handsome gentlemen to rescue me. Then there's always the need of removing a pesky virus from my computer or some computer crash I may need assistance with, and who doesn't want to get the hook up to great tickets to a football game?

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Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Ah, but just think...alone time!!


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