Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Guest Posters.

Since the blogging well is dry around these parts. If you couldn't tell from this post. I apologize to anyone new who stumbled on that one. No I wasn't nipping from the bottle last night either. I just got a wild funny (or non funny) streak in me. I decided it was time to bring in some reinforcements. I told the older boys they had a writing assignment and that it would be posted on the blog. I fixed the spelling and grammar for the most part. I didn't want you to have nightmares due to the previous post. ahem...
Without further adieu my guest posters....

Wonderboy 7-
Why I love my dad.
She is beautiful.
She is a boy.
He loves me.
His is good.
He is my dad.
He likes football.
Were working on Wonderboy, he is going to be fully integrated into 2nd grade this year which is a big leap for him from his special ed services. We're proud of him. He's come along way and with a little help he's going to be fine.

Gameboy 8-
We took a long drive and we sang 100 bottles of beer on the wall. We went to Corpus Christie. After we went to the hotel we went to the ocean. To bad there were jellyfish. We went to a battleship, it was cool. A seagull took my chicken nugget. We also saw a pelican eating a fish than a dolphin came. We went under the ship. We came back and dad covered me up with sand. We were in the swimming pool. I learned to paddle with my legs up. We had a good time.

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Lawanda said...

haha, I thought the dog post was cute! And so is this one :) What a great idea to post an assignment! :)


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