Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I R Anakin

I R Anakin Dog.
Im in moms puter postn her blawg. I no type well..no fingas to push keys. Have to use nose. I no gramma either well.
She likes the LOLCATS.
I is teh funnah to!
I like Shadow cat but he not like me sometimes. He not like me biting his neck and dragn him. I's only playn. He scratch sometime. It hurtz.
I wants to be cat to and jump like teh kittah. Kittah laf at me.
I eatz da kidz toyz sometimez. Mom not like teh mess. I cant hep toyz taste good n I just a pup.
I give mom kisses when she not knowing, I bite her nose sometime to. It teh funnah!
I help mom with dirty dishes, clean ones not taste good.
I sleep with mom and dad. Mom sleep number 35. She have nice bed. I sometimes nudge her out.
I can do hyperlink and post picz to. R'nt I cute?

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Lawanda said...

LOL! Too cute :) Adorable bubble pics too :)


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