Thursday, June 14, 2007

If you give a toddler a blackberry

Jennifer over at playgroupsarenoplaceforchildren has given us a challenge to do a post about giving a toddler the blackberry with the theme of the books If You Give a Pig a Pancake. I'm always up for a blogging challenge and couldn't pass it up.
**Updated to add that this is a blackberry pda-cellphone-e-mail-device thingy jiggy, for those keeping score.***

If you give a toddler a blackberry, he's going to send some text messages to his playgroup friends.

If he makes a few text messages, he's gonna want to download a hundred or so annoying ring tones to go with it.

When he downloads a few hundred annoying ring tones, his daddy's going to get the cellphone bill.

When his daddy gets the cellphone bill, daddy's gonna blame momma for the high charges.

When momma gets blamed for high charges, she's gonna take away toddlers blackberry privileges.

When toddler's blackberry privileges are taken away, he's going to write a blog on mytoddlerspace of why he hates his parents.


Jennifer Playgroupie said...


Thank you so much for participating...I'll write a post next week with a link to your site. I hope more people take the challenge, it's fun to read what others come up with!

Lawanda said...

Great job! And here I was savvy high tech diva that I am, and thinking of blackberries, you know, like fruit! HA! :-p

Shauna said...

I linked here from Jennifer...

Great job!


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